Saturday, November 7, 2009

PPJoy 0.84.5 bug reports

This post is a placeholder to report issues with the new 0.84.5 installer and x64 drivers. Please check if your issue has been reported before leaving a comment.

NOTE: before compaining that PPJoy does not load on a 64 bit OS - check that your computer is in Test Signing mode. You MUST see "Test Mode" in the corners of your screen. If not, enable it by running "Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON"


  1. Thank you very mutch!
    It is a pity but this is not working on my Win 2003 Server x64:
    For Microsoft Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows family of operating systems, kernel-mode software must have a digital signature to load on x64-based computer systems.


  2. Hi Alexey,

    Win 2003 server x64 was one of the platforms I tested on during development so the new PPjoy should work on there. (BTW, Server 2003 x64 does not require a digital signature - you can set the Driver Signing settings on the Hardware tab of the properties for "My Computer")

    Could you send me a mail at and describe your problem in more detail? I'd like to understand what goes wrong on your system.

  3. Hi Deon,

    I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 x64 Enterprise 90 Day Trial. I use WeeWheel ( to communicate with the virtual joystick. This works on a x86 machine (Windows XP, Vista & 7) But not on my x64 Windows 7. i installed PPJoy without problems, i added a joystick and let weewheel connect to it, i get a write error (so i can open the device but not write to it.) Is something changed in the IOCTL?

    Also i noticed that in control panel "Parallel Port Joysticks (32 Bit) and that PPJoy is installed in C:\Program Files (x86) is that correct?

  4. Hi Danny,

    Try using one of the PPJoy virtual joystick utilities (e.g. "Mouse joystick") that comes with PPJoy - that will tell you whether the PPJoy install failed or possibly some problem with WeeWheel. The IOCTL code is unchanged :-)

    All the PPJoy use mode components are still 32 bit (no reason to change them - and shipping a single set of files in the install is easier) - it is only the driver files that are 64 bits. Installing in Program Files (x86) is perfectly normal.

  5. Problem also here! I did what it was said with bcdedti etc, i install it but when i try to run i get this messg: "Cannot open the PPjoy device driver. Please install PPjoyBus.sys first" (win7 64 is my o/s)

  6. Phantom7: you should be seeing the text "Test Mode" in the corners of your desktop if you ran BCDEDIT correctly. That is most likely your problem. After that, check that you see the PPJoy Bus enumerator in Device Manager - what is the error code for the device?

  7. I succesfully install PPJoy on my Win2003 x64 Server.
    Solution: I request network administrator to help me and he can install under his account (start program install from network Admin).
    I am confused a little because I have admin privilegies on my computer. Why is it needed to install from another admin?
    But now it works fine! Thanks!

  8. maybe it will help someone ... after bcdedit command you must restart computer for change to take effect

  9. found PPJoy from trying to get L4D to work split screen on PC with a saitek 2600 rumble controller... I now run win7x64 ultimate, and tryin to figure out howto get "test signing" enabled on win7x64 is different (it seems now that i've investigated more) then "bcdedit.txt -set TESTSIGING ON" or /set, or whatever... I found this = driver signature enforcement overrider v1.3b ( available @ for download ) that says it includes win7x64 support... so I've run the file and it comes up asking indeed as this review purports ::

    i hope to report back the results. thanks for your effort here DEON with PPJoy, it sounds like an excellent project you got going here =)

  10. It's 'BCDEDIT -SET TESTSIGNING ON' and not 'bcdedit.txt -set TESTSIGING ON' (2 Typo's) btw: do not forget to open cmd as administrator or it wont work!

  11. hah- yr right, I messed up the commandline syntax for bcdedit. even trying your suggestion Danny I get an error about the "boot configuration data store could not be opened". to make a long story short, the driver signature enforcement overrider 3.1b did exactly as it says it'll do which is put win7x64 into test mode for you, the deal is it required a reboot. after said reboot, I was able to install the new 0.84.5 installer, and it all worked with no notifications this time, yet I still get the error saying to load a .sys file. my fix for L4D splitscreen 2player was just to plug in 2 controllers, and use the one that assigned itself to controller ID#2 as second player.

    I look forward to further releases of PPjoy for sure! thanks

  12. never mind, i got it working by set the project settings to the same settings as the demo project included in setup package, so actually something DID change in the VC++ 6 code. (I ported it to VC++ 2008)therefore: WeeWheel 1.17 Released with x64 support :D

  13. I've tried this software on Win7 64bit Ultimate, It seems that I'm getting PPJoyBus.sys driver not found. However, the PPJoyBus64.sys driver was installed perfectly. Perhaps the control panel does not detect the PPJoyBus64.sys file?

    Yes I have testsigning enabled.

  14. Never mind the above post. Something is wrong with me. Testsigning doesn't seem to be enabled, as Device Manager says driver is unsigned.

  15. I have disabled driver signing in group policy(ignore and allow) and also put my pc in test mode.
    The PPJOY installer still tells it to make changes to my control panel and try again.
    How is the ppjoy installer determining i am in signing mode perhaps it is broken?

  16. Good job! I can confirm this version works in Windows XP x64 SP2. Thanks!

  17. It didn't work even whithin the test mode. same error msg: "Cannot open the PPJoy device driver. Please install PPJoyBus.sys first"

    THX :)

  18. What i DID


    write : bcde.......


    3.Go to Control Panel - PPjoy works

    4.I added JOy

    5......Disaster:when i run GremoteServer:


    6.So i repleaced EXE


    Why I cannot run Gremote server now(i tried reset)

  19. @Troy (sorry for the delay!): The installer does not check the actual status - it will always display the BCDedit message when it detects an x64 system. I'll fix this in the next installer. Seemed like a reasonable compromise to get the main driver out sooner :-)

    @Robert: I'm afraid you will have to take that up with the GRemote author. Any comment from my side would be pure speculation.

  20. problem with most people is running command prompt from only normal user account when infact you need to follow directions below for windows 7 to work....
    1. Click on Windows 7 Start Button

    2. Go to All Programs-> Accessories

    3. Now right on Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator” from context menu.

    4. paste/type BCDEDIT -SET TESTSIGNING ON hit enter

    5. restart computer you will see test mode bottom right by clock.

  21. Hi Deon, I do believe that troy gets a different message then you seem to think. You speak of the bcdedit message when he speaks of the message I've posted on the main page. After stating this message it doesnt install anything.. :/

  22. For the ones having trouble:
    Use for turning on the test mode, then restart your computer.
    It should have Test mode on the desktop background in the right bottom corner (above your clock).

    I just installed this on windows 7 x64 without problems, where the old version never worked on win7 :)

    Thanks a lot for this, I use this so I can actually use the wiimote joystick on the nunchuck like a joystick, rather then like the arrow keys.

  23. I've tried this and every other method posted on this and the main thread.. sadly for me and a few others it still won't install :/ I was hoping i could use this program to make my entire setup of the logitech g940 work with x3 reunion. But for now i'm stuck with just the joystich and keyboard. Thanks for all the comments though. Hopefully the next version will resolve the remaining problems.

  24. hello I installed PPJoy 0.84.5 Version, working well, thank you very much
    But I found 1 problem. Some Axis could't be calibrated. that caused some troubles at defining Keys at some Game X,Y Axis are ok
    Z Axis <- not ok All Rotations are ok
    Slider <- not ok Trouttle <-not ok

    My OS
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    GlovePIE 0.41
    Wiimote & Nunchuck

    Sorry for my horrable English

  25. PPJoy installation worked fine,
    I use an Amiga-4-Player-adapter and added two QuickJoy II Turbo. Firebuttons are recognized both as Button 1, which is ok. But the Movement doesn't work right. Scaning recognizes always Digital 0. In Windows gamecontroller test/calibration the cross stays in the middle. If it is not in the middle at the beginning and I move the Joystick it moves to the middle and then stays there for ever.

    I'm using Vista 64 Ultimate SP2.


    1. Hi Irdion. Did you find a solution to this problem? I have the same situation running under Windows 7. Everything seems to have installed correctly and the fire button works but no movement? Thanks. Rob.

  26. I cant seem to get POV hats to map as buttons. Windows still sees them as POV Hat after mapping to digital buttons.

  27. I am running 32-bit Vista and When I change the mapping of a Virtual Joystick it does not change in my Driver window (Game Controllers) Until I Restart the device in Device Manager. Is this Normal?

  28. I am runnin windows 7 x64 in testsigning mode and the installer still pop up that my system can't load unisnged drivers, is there a way i can bypass this check or install ppjoy manually?

  29. Hi. I'm running Windows 7 x32 in Test-Mode and the installer still says that my system can't load unisnged drivers. What could I possibly do? The old version of PPJoy lets itself to install but when I test it with Pie setups and GlovePIE, it won't work. I created that new joystick, but PPJoyMouse says that "No virtual Joysticks detected". I really need to get it to work, because I'm only able to play with mouse...

  30. I installed this software driver and it caused all my drivers to break on my PC. It locked me out of my PC as when I get to the logon welcome screen all USBs are dead. I managed to type my password in by using a keyboard with a PS/2 connector and managed to get a screenshot of my device manager:

    I'm now having to download each driver individually in the hope I'll be able to fix this problem and regain access to my PC. Hopefully this mess will be undone. I don't know how this download managed to corrupt all my drivers but it did. It's not a virus just dodgey on Win7 (for me at least).

    I opened a Yahoo! Answers question in the efforts to try and resolve it though nobody was of much help. Maybe it'll help someone out one day:;_ylt=AnyxKII9Evq3d.7bzM8p.gTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100206203507AAm3U85

    If I get this fixed I doubt I'll try another attempt at getting my PS3 controller working, shame that it went ape-shit. Hope you have better luck than me!

  31. Hey, just wanted to tell you that (as far as I can tell) PPJoyMouse doesn't work on my laptop with either my trackpad or a USB mouse, running W7 x64. Game I'm trying it on is Tie Fighter. PPJoyMouse worked fine with this game when I was running XP.

  32. I take that back. PPJoyMouse isn't working at ALL. Going to try uninstalling and reinstalling.

  33. Alright, time for a full bug report. I've been running in test-signing mode for the past week or so, attempting to use these drivers. I can install just fine, and I can add and remove virtual joysticks no problem. However, neither PPJoyKey nor PPJoyMouse give me any sort of control over the virtual joystick. Windows registers no changes, and any games I run similarly see nothing changing.
    I've tried coming out of test mode and going back in, and I've also tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling, and I've also tried deleting and readding virtual joystick. Nothing works.
    Using Win7 Ultimate x64

  34. On Windows 7 x64 I am unable to install PPJoy. It says "Your system can not load unsigned drivers, allow unsigned drivers in control panel" or something to that effect. I've used BCDEDIT and NGOHQ Driver Signing tool, I'm in Test Mode, yet it still says this. Is there any way to install this program on Windows 7 x64 if it is still saying this with Test Mode on?

  35. You are talking about problems with 64bit win 7 but i'm unable to run it with my 32bit win Xp pro.
    What should i do with this errors?

    There are screenshots from previous version of this software but with i have the same issue.

    Please anyone help here or
    thanks in advance

  36. I've resolved problem myself. If someone would need help about those errors then write to me :)
    bye :)

  37. Hello.
    I wanted to report my problem or bug.
    Sometimes when I press the arrow buttons on my sega genesis gamepad, the game character
    throws kicks and fists. But I never pressed the buttons of fists or kicks.
    This happens with all games for Zsnes and Kega Fusion emulators, but this error never happens
    with other emulators like snes9x or native games for windows.
    I only found problems with these emulators, which are the best and I use them frequently.

    Info on my system:
    -Ppjoy 0.83.
    -Interface: directpadpro.
    -Ppjoy maping config: probe with everything.
    -Windows control panel joystick setup: Ok all eight buttons and directional.
    -Windows xp sp3.
    -SNES and Sega Genesis emulator ver.: latest 2010.
    -Emulator controllers configurtation: Ok.
    -Motherboard: with standard Parallel port, and all lpt1 options in bios setup.

    Excuseme for possible translation errors, since I speak Spanish.
    Thanks in advance for any answers or help and greetings to all from

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. On windows xp sp3 when you put 2 analogs and try to emulate a game pad with glove pie, right analog stick gets stuck in the upper\left corner. I was trying to play Walabars great game "Gymnast", but the right analog stik gets stuck.

  40. Hi Deon, great thanks for writing PPJoy for x64!
    I "successfully" installed ver on my win 7 64bit, but I cannot add a virtual joystick - When I click it on control pannel, it pops two dialog windows:
    1. "Attempted an unsupported operation", then after clicking "OK", the following pops up.
    2. "Encountered an improper argument". then after clicking "OK" again, nothing else comes up.
    If I try starting PPJoyCom.exe, PPJoyKey.exe, etc., it reads "No PPjoy virtual joysticks detected."

    Can you please help?
    Additional Information: My OS is Japanese Win7 64bit, in TEST mode. And I have two real joysticks well installed. (What other info do you need? )

  41. Windows 7 x64... in test mode, installed PPJoy just fine, added a virtual joystick. Parallel Port Joystick Bus Enumerator and Parallel Port Joystick device 1 both showing in Device Manager and say they are working. However, there is no joystick showing in Devices and Printers. Any ideas?

  42. As gal said above I too faced same problem that is Sometimes when I press the arrow buttons on my sega genesis gamepad, the game character
    throws kicks and fists. But I never pressed the buttons of fists or kicks.I use Windows 7
    electronic signature pdf

  43. Hi I have setup a ps3 wireless joystick with ppjoy, ppjoy detects the buttons when I remap them but windows xp gamepad config applet or any other program doesn't detect the buttons being pressed, however the joystick appears on the windows applet joysticks list but pressing buttons doesn't work anywhere outside ppjoy. Thanks in advance!

  44. Deon, I must say this is an awesome piece of work you have done here! Thank you so much! But it has been several years and no updates... are you still around?

    And here's something I've noticed, in case this helps anyone... I am using ppjoy 0.82 on WinXP, and I found that after creating or modifying any mapping changes to the device, you must reboot, or else the device does not show any activity. I did not see this specifically mentioned anywhere, so I'm not sure if it is just my system, or not. But you might try that if ppjoy is giving no activity on the joystick (e.g., when testing with ppjoyMOuse)

  45. were do I get the mouse virtual joystick folder?

  46. Hey, I'm not very savvy with computers, and in fact I don't really understand how PPJoy or %99 of my other programs work; However, it is giving me the same error as Phantom7, saying that I need to install PPJoybus.sys whenever I try to use anything related to PPJoy. Also, at the end of the installation it said that it had trouble installing, and that I would have to manually install it. I already turned test mode on, and can see the whole bit about "test mode, windows 7, build 7600" and all that jaz. Please help!

  47. Given the last dated comment, I'm not sure how often, if at all this is checked, but I've followed the install instructions and still can't get it to work. Ran the whole "test" command and restarted, shows "Test Mode, Windows 7, Build 7601" in the bottom right corner, but clicking "Parallel Port Joysticks (32-bit)" from control panel gives me the "Cannot open the Parrel Port Joystick Bus Enumerator. Please install PPJoyBus.sys first" error.. any ideas?

  48. Olá, diga que entende português, please!
    Eu quero usar o ppjoy mode test off, mas não estou conseguindo, ele só funciona no mod test on :(

  49. PPjoy + gamepad (playstation one) no have suppport button square, triangle, circle, R1, R2, L1, L2

    please, help calibrate button.. thx :)

  50. Hi. ok so ive tried for a couple of weeks to install this. it works fine on my laptop running win 7 x64 SP 1, but the same win 7 sp 1 on my stationary pc wont work, not when im using x86 win 7 either. i get the message that most ppl are getting: "your system does not allow unsigned drivers to be installed"

    Ive been using command "bcdedit -set testsigning on" in cmd as admin, and i have the test Mode in the lower right corner. And again this works on my laptop so it makes no sense what so ever that it would not work on my other pc. Please help!!

    PS: Have the newest driver installed.

  51. how to get normal mode back? thanx,,


    As you can plainly see from the circles, I have testmode on. Despite this, "Cannot open the PPJoy Device Driver. Please install PPJoyBus.sys first". Wat?

  53. win 7 64 test mode on. prog will not install and there is no ppjoy in device manager to install the drivers manually like it tells me on install

  54. Do the following to fix the error "Cannot open the PPJoy Device Driver. Please install PPJoyBus.sys first":

    1) run command line as administrator
    2) type "pnputil -e" to list loadable drivers
    3) remove ALL drivers related to PPJoy. These will be ones provided by "Deon van der Westhuysen". To remove each one, first note the file name (e.g., "oem123.inf") and then remove it by typing "pnputil -f -d oem123.inf"

    It should say "success", but is it didn't, just manually delete the oem123.inf file from C:\Windows\inf\ directory.

    4) try re-installing PPjoy. If it works, this time you should see the "do you trust this driver" questions again.

    This issue arises when the installation fails or is repeated, installing conflicting/dual drivers.

  55. The above procedure of course also addresses the "Please install PPjoyBus.sys manually" error that occurs during installation, which subsequently results in the "Cannot open the PPJoy Device Driver. Please install PPJoyBus.sys first" error when you try to run the Joystick Configurator after ignoring the first error.

  56. this may sound a bit silly... I had just installed ppjoy and intended to use it with Snes 9x along withthe bluetooth ps3 pad. Well the pad works ok for going up, down, left or right but the snes 9x does not recognize diagonal combinations (for example left+up, left+down and so on). can anyone help please?

  57. t Andrew. I did as you wrote, but still getting the same message, 'Cannot open the PPJoy Device Driver. Please install PPJoyBus.sys first.'Test Mode is 'on'. What could be the problem?

  58. i havw installed ppjoy & m in my test mode.. i am using win 7 64 bit.. wen i try to open parallel port joystick (32bit) from control pannel.. i get a error stating " please install ppjoybus.sys" what should i do???

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  60. It's working thank you very much !!! awesome !

    virtual joystick and controller 1 and advanced and preferred awesome !!!! WOEEEHOEE YEAH =D

  61. Hello,
    I've been using PPjoy When i played BradMan Crikcet 14.
    But once i Deleted PPjoy & x360ce instead of Uninstalling.But now When i try playing Other games (eg; GTA San Andreas , EA Cricket 07 , PES08 etc.) the "Up" (arrow key) is automatically functioning, Even when i don't even press up key.. PLEASE HELP MEEE I cudn't even concentrate even in my work!!

  62. hello i' TRYING to install ppjoy on win 7 x64,i read the guide and whatever,and no matter what i do,win 7 WON'T boot up in test mode,and no compatibility mode will allow me to install that dreadful drvier.any help?

  63. Hello,i have a problem.At first i installed vjoy from sourceforge. after that i installed ppjoy and run in testmode in windows 8.1 64bit then it said ERROR 2 OPENING JOYSTICK.Then i uninstalled vjoy and reinstalled ppjoy then also i had same problem and removed and added 2 joysticks and then tried to map but i had another problem CANNOT READ MAPPINGS FROM JOYSTICK and also the first problem

  64. WHY xcan't i download the P.O.S. here?

  65. Is there an updated version for x64 bit OS Windows 10?