Monday, November 23, 2009

Doing some work...

Not very glamorous... I've just upgraded my development machine to Windows 7 x64 and modified the PPJoy build environment to use the Windows 7 DDK. Also used the opportunity to clean up the build environment a little (no more hardcoded include paths in individual project files).

A few words on hardware: Gigabyte sucks. Had a GA-EP35-DS4 motherboard die on me after 18 months of the 3 year warranty period. After a month the best they could do (or their South African distributors) was give me a nasty used replacement with bent connectors and glue on the bottom side. Way to treat a good customer - I now buy Asus only.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PPJoy 0.84.5 known issues

(This list will be updated as issues are found)

Issue 1: PPortJoy .sys ("Parallel Port Joystick device" under "Human Interface Devices" in Device Manager) does not install properly when adding a joystick using a terminal server session on Server 2003. This is likely caused by test/unsigned drivers that can't be silently installed.

Workaround: Either set the computer's Driver Signing status to "Ignore" (untested) or open Device Manager and right click on the "Parallel Port Joystick device" with the exclaimation mark icon. Select "Update Driver" and let the sytem find the driver and acknowlegde the driver signing warning.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

PPJoy 0.84.5 bug reports

This post is a placeholder to report issues with the new 0.84.5 installer and x64 drivers. Please check if your issue has been reported before leaving a comment.

NOTE: before compaining that PPJoy does not load on a 64 bit OS - check that your computer is in Test Signing mode. You MUST see "Test Mode" in the corners of your screen. If not, enable it by running "Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON"

Finally! A new version

After a break of many years I'll release a new beta version of PPJoy soon. The release of Windows 7 seems a good time to also release a x64 capable version of PPJoy.

This is a bit of a rough release with minimum updates to the documentation. Te main goal is to make the 64bit drivers and the new installer available for testing. It feels a little wrong to keep sitting on the 64 bit version :-)

I will post a URL as soon as I can arrange new web hosting for PPJoy.

Lastly - an apology from me for not answering to comments. I had comment notification turned off and never saw them. Fixed now :-)