Monday, November 23, 2009

Doing some work...

Not very glamorous... I've just upgraded my development machine to Windows 7 x64 and modified the PPJoy build environment to use the Windows 7 DDK. Also used the opportunity to clean up the build environment a little (no more hardcoded include paths in individual project files).

A few words on hardware: Gigabyte sucks. Had a GA-EP35-DS4 motherboard die on me after 18 months of the 3 year warranty period. After a month the best they could do (or their South African distributors) was give me a nasty used replacement with bent connectors and glue on the bottom side. Way to treat a good customer - I now buy Asus only.


  1. Thanks for the x64 version! I've just installed it W7 Ultimate x64. Works great after the 'Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON' trick, rebooting, and running the installer as administrator. It's the glory playing NSF with the wiimote in a x64 environment :)

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  3. Do you have to stay in test mode to use PPjoy or once it's installed can you turn it off again and boot as normal? I don't have Win 7 yet, so just planning ahead.

  4. @Xeddicus: Win7 will not load the PPJoy driver unless test signing mode is on. You can turn off test signing when not using PPJoy but need to turn it on (and reboot) before using PPJoy.

  5. Thanks for the reply. And thanks again for making PPjoy in the first place. And thanks yet again for the 64-bit update.

  6. Deon, PLEASE mail me privately @ . I am not selling anything nor going bother you with tech questions etc. Just want to say thanks for your work by sharing with you....
    Jaco Bezuidenhout

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  8. Still dont work here... Made all the suggestions like TESTMODE ond so one... The Software still even dont install "Yours system does not allow unsignd drivers to be installed"...
    Some said that Mircosoft done some updates to elminated this BCDEDIT-Thing...

    Is there any way to install this on an (normal) Win7 Ultimate 64Bit system (with all updates)?

  9. Nice to meet you. My name is kazeno.
    I used PPJOY that you had developed.

    It became the same situation as maik though I also tried.
    I'am using Windows7 Professional 64bit.
    Error is "Yours system does not allow unsigned drivers to be installed".

    I'm Japanese, so I can speak only easy english.
    My english has a wrong possibility.
    Perhaps, my English will not be read easily.

  10. This may help people having problems:

    I haven't used it myself, but according to that page to get unsigned drivers to work you need to be in test mode AND have a test certificate on the dll. That program allows you to do so apparently.

  11. Hi Deano, my names si luke and i have windows 7 32 bit installed but i have the same message from kazeno "Yours system does not allow unsigned drivers to be installed" and all other solution seems to not work. Could you help me ? Please im sorry for my english im italian... ^^

  12. I am having same scenario as Luca.I read the information on the link shared by Xeddicus.But no help.Can you help me to sort this out..Its almost one year passed since last comment.Don't know if you reply on this.
    e signatures

  13. Um...where is this version? You don' don't provide links! Is there a proper website somewhere, or just this rambling blog!? HELLO? HELLO?