Sunday, March 7, 2010

New test release...

Hi all - not getting around to do a complete set of tests on the new installer (the driver code is still the same). So here it is if you want to try it:

This installer will properly check for a 64 bit OS and enable test mode. Note: the drivers are still only test signed and requires the OS to be in test mode. This installer just makes the process a lot easier.


  1. First!
    ok i tried this on vista 64, with no problems. Thank you for all your work.
    I cant wait for a release with properly signed drivers =], well i'm hoping for one =p. I'm a have a bit of a security paranoia, so i don't like to be in test mode, but other than that it worked perfectly. Thanks again Deon!

  2. Haddiddlidoo. The newer version installs itself fine, but still I can't get the mouse controll work. The controller is in the game devices, but it doesn't respond to the movement or anything with GlovePIE. What shall I do?

  3. I know this isn't topic of this blog, but don't know where the hell i can talk about NES wiring in the internet))

    I found this modified scheme Left one is for NES, right one - PlayStation. Ukranian guy uses Schottky diodes and takes +5V from all possible pins (but i cannot realise why he ignores 4th pin). Also VD7,8 protect scheme.

    Perhaps VD1-5,7-8 (pins 5-9, 2-3) will be enough to power 2 nes pads? or maybe also connect 4th pin?

  4. I finally found what was my problem. All I had to do was to turm on the PPJoy's own Mouse Joystick application and keep it that way.

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  6. W7 64bit works like a charm!
    A question: i own a trackball (fantastic device, i'm using it for 1 month now) and i was wondering if there is a way to map a virtual joy to it (or a mouse) to work effectively, that is - if i stop moving, it returns to center position? That would be just great for my old tie fighter game :)
    i am mapping using ppjoy mouse to virtualjoy and it is not playable if i have to return to center position every time :(
    thanks, love your work

  7. Got it working thanks to this post:

    If anyone is iterested how to do it:
    1. Install PPJoy (obvious)
    2. Download GlovePIE
    3. Configure VirtualJoy with PPJoy (see script for instructions)
    4. Start GlovePIE, open script file, run it.

    Link to script:

    Sorry if it's not the place for this
    Thanks again for you great work!

  8. I have a few issues with my genesis pad I think this is all a problem with ppjoy. The xyz buttons press themselves but only on the emulators and other programs, in the joystick section of the control panel it works fine. The only solution i find to this problem is to use joytokey but with newer version of Mame it doesnt work.

  9. Is there a way of taking windows out of test mode, but continuing to be able to use PPJoy in Windows 7 x64.

    Currently If I take the system out of Test mode and try and run PPJoy I get a PPJoyBus.sys error, which I presume is because the driver is not digitally signed.

    Is there a way of allowing the driver to be used in normal windows mode?


  10. Does this program work with pci parallel adapters or only built in parallel ports?

  11. I ask this because I believe I have the program properly installed running 64 bit windows 7.
    Ran in test mode installed successfully.
    But whenever i try to setup my playstation pad
    the mapping and timing functions give me the error: Cannot read mappings/timing/ from joystick driver. This has persisted through multiple re-installs as well.

  12. @toast: PPJoy should work with both motherboard and PCI parallel ports. USB parallel ports will not work.

    Have you tried running the control pnael applet as administrator? [Right click, select "run as administrator"? Might make a big difference.]

    @Robb: PPJoy uses test signed drivers and thus Windows x64 needs to be in test mode else the drivers won't load. Buying the proper certificates costs a few hundred dollars.

    @kłaczek: I could possibly add a feature to centre the joystick if no trachball movement after x seconds. Is the trackball seen as a mouse? [i.e. Do you use PPJoyMouse with it?]

    @timovito: Yup, PPJoyMouse, PPJoyKeyboard, etc needs to be open/running (but can be minimized) in order to process input and send it to PPJoy.

  13. Here's my problem. I can't use PPJoy normally because i get the "PPJoyBus.sys" error. But i can't get Windows 7 to enter Test mode either. I keep getting this error in the prompt:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
    Access is denied.


    ...So how do I get it to work? Plz and Thanx!

  14. Just to add, I am in the main Administrator account... which is the only account on here, so i shouldn't be denied access right?

  15. cant download, im getting an error:
    Status: 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: text/html
    500 Internal Server Error

    im willing to host this file on my server, but first i have to get it...

  16. same here. can't seem to download the file

  17. I am getting a 404 File not found error for the link you gave.
    First I get a link to the file, when I click it it asks me some recaptcha stuff (fine with me...) I enter it and then I get a 404 :S

    Any mirror?

  18. The link is dead, i can't dload it, would u re upload it pls?

  19. Link is dead, ran out of bandwidth =((


  21. Here's a few mirrors:

  22. Hello.
    I wanted to report my problem or bug.
    Sometimes when I press the arrow buttons on my sega genesis gamepad, the game character
    throws kicks and fists. But I never pressed the buttons of fists or kicks.
    This happens with all games for Zsnes and Kega Fusion emulators, but this error never happens
    with other emulators like snes9x or native games for windows.
    I only found problems with these emulators, which are the best and I use them frequently.

    Info on my system:
    -Ppjoy 0.83.
    -Interface: directpadpro.
    -Ppjoy maping config: probe with everything.
    -Windows control panel joystick setup: Ok all eight buttons and directional.
    -Windows xp sp3.
    -SNES and Sega Genesis emulator ver.: latest 2010.
    -Emulator controllers configurtation: Ok.
    -Motherboard: with standard Parallel port, and all lpt1 options in bios setup.

    Excuseme for possible translation errors, since I speak Spanish.
    Thanks in advance for any answers or help and greetings to all from

  23. With the release of Mechwarrior4Free, I think a lot of Windows7 users are going to want to get a hold of this product if they are using the Logitech G940, which shows up as 3 separate devices in Windows (and the game) which means if you want to use the throttle or pedals you'll only be able to assign them to keystrokes rather than analog axes.

    Any chance you could post the latest version on something other than dropio (you've exceeded 1000 downloads)?

  24. First of all,I´d like to thank you for PPJoy developement. I developed many Windows and Linux drivers and I know this hard job. Ok, I`m trying use PPJOY with SmartpropoPlus 3.3.7 under Windows 7 32 bits but it doesn´t work. Every thing seems work fine, but I can´t see any response in "game ports windows" when I move RC sticks. Can you help me? I have the same configuration in Windows XP e everthing works fine...
    Ah.. If you find a donate way, I´m in...
    Thanks... Ricardo Toscano

    >The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
    >Access is denied.
    >...So how do I get it to work? Plz and Thanx!
    You have to run the command prompt as Administrator:

    All Programs -> Accessories -> right click on Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator.

    more detail:

  26. seems to have been taken by somebody else; the file hosted there is one called "avcodec-52.dll"...

    I downloaded the file via

    Also, here are the file hashes for the version hosted there (in case the file disappears from that server and future visitors will have to rely on dodgy mirrors):

    CRC32: 5A77A414
    SHA-1: AA6B96AED238E02E6B13501E86B579990BB86F63

  27. Unfourtnately, boxes are open to change by everyone. I've took the oportunity to re-upload it again.

    MD5 Hash: 9ad5e1af79a62e164124c22ca3c7b7b8

  28. I cannot download the release from glovepie and can't find this anywhere else, can someone please rehost??

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  30. My MacAfee says that it has found the Trojan
    Generic Downloader.x!ecd in the following files:


    I have tried to download it from 5 different locations including rapidshare but this trojan is present everywhere.

    Is it really the trojan or it is just MacAfee?

  31. Ooh man, that was tough,

    After some research I understood that this is still MacAfee. So I took the risk and disabled virus check for those specific files. But driver is still unsigned :(
    It seems that Windows updated their security since driver release.

    So i looked on Internet a bit more and found the way how to sign drivers.
    Here is the manual I followed:

    I had to install signing application:
    Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b
    MacAfee found 2 suspicious files here too.
    I think this is part of its heuristic to mark all suspicious activity in Windows folder.
    So I had to add 2 more exceptions to its rules:

    Artemis c:\windows\makecert.exe
    Artemis c:\windows\certmgmt.exe

    And finally remove all watermarks using

    After reboot the driver was finally signed.

    I don't know if all these actions were indeed needed or I was so "lucky".

  32. I'm on a laptop and am trying to use a SNES 2 controller parallel port adapter I made with it. This works fine on an old desktop I have with a real parallel port, but that computer can't run modern emulators.

    I bought a Startech PCMCIA to parallel port card which seems well-regarded as a real EPP card. PPJoy can't seem to recognize it, I believe because despite being LPT1, it uses an unusual I/O address: FFD8. Is there a way to get PPJoy to look for this the way it would look for 0x378?

  33. Actually it looks like my own Startech card is 0xFE98 (others on the net are at FFD8).

  34. Ok, I've just re-uploaded on the box. Also, here's a MegaUpload link [1] and a 4shared link[2]. Both have been uploaded by me.

    Again, here goes the MD5 Hash:


  35. Thank you very much for your ppjoy development!

    I have installed 8.4.6 on Windows 7 extended 64bit. Installed without problems: installer asked to turn on testing mode, reboot, (test mode is on), two warnings that unable to check driver creator (install anyway) and "Installed successfully"
    Now I can create and configure my virtual joystick, but in control panel I see only "Parallel Port Joystick bus enumerator" working corectly. But I do not have any joysticks visible in control panel. T6sim 1.05 sees the RC Controller OK. And here I must be missing some important step, what to do next.
    Please help to figure out how to feed this Virtual Joystick to Simulator programs (AFPD, Phoenix RC etc.) They both do not see anything.
    Any hints are appreciated.

  36. @Roger Smith: PPJoy asks windows for the IO port address of the parallel port so it shouldn't matter is the PCMCIA card uses a non standard address. (PPJoy sends the IOCTL_INTERNAL_GET_PARALLEL_PORT_INFO message to the windows paralle.sys driver). PPJoy does however require that the device name is in the form LPTx (with x being a number 0-15)

  37. Deon can u reupload PPJoy 64bit
    All what i found with viruses

  38. hi all ! for all who have pb with win7 x64, i found how to fix it, bcdedit chage boot, but, if you have a c***ed version of win 7 you have to boot on regular, not on c***ed boot... IT WORKS :) boot and push down on keboard to switch to win ultimate

  39. Man ...
    Reup please - all Mirrors here are Infected. =/

  40. Yes, please upload a clean version. Every single one I've found is infected. Maybe get CNet to host one? Please?

  41. Is there any chance that ppjoy could add support for changing its VID/PID in the future?

    There are a number of (mostly but not all older) games that support only a single joystick, and rather than relying on user-customizable JoyIDs, will pick the joystick with the lexically lowest VID/PID--which with PPjoy's 0xDEAD/0xBEFn combination is almost always not ppjoy.

    This makes life difficult for those of us who use PPjoy to combine several real joysticks into one virtual one.

  42. Wow I was just about to write the same thing as Dave. I second his suggestion to have a configurable VID for PPJoy. I've done my best to force the virtual joystick to have another VID in order to get a game to work properly. The game only recognizes the first 4 controllers so when I try to map 4 steering wheels to PPJoy I'm out of luck. :o(

    Excellent job with PPJoy.
    It really fills a gap I've had for a long time when it comes to remapping joystick buttons.

    If only I could get the virtual joysticks to show up at the top of the list I could get PPJoy working with all of my games.

    PLEASE consider doing what Dave proposed and add configurable VID/(PID).

  43. There is no trojan. Your anti-virus programs are giving you false alarms. Install a better one such as Avast or Kaspersky.

  44. Hi,

    nothing exists to take midi controllers as game controllers
    why not add it in PPJoy?

  45. New mirror for those having issues with deadlinks:

  46. Virus Report from last link

  47. Windows requires that the VID/PID be hard wired into the driver, if you want to change them you have to go through the whole compilation and certification process.

  48. Damnit! This sounds like such a good program. I want it to map a joystick button to a keyboard button as ptt for ventrilo. But for the love of god, put an url to download it on your main page! All links given in these comments don't work. Where are people supposed to download this???

  49. Yeah I want a download link to this too. Some companies won't pay M$ to get their driver signed for their joysticks so this is the best real beat.

    Please carry on with a real honest download link. I'll recommend this to everyone I know

  50. Please HELP.
    I use GlovePIE to give me a deadzone to a virtual rudder. I use Windows XP Pro and got PPjoy up and running. It works great, but...
    Everytime I reboot PPjoy's virtual stick needs to be reïnstalled and configured to work again. What can be wrong..?

  51. Hello Deon.
    Friend, I'm needing to send some commands to a game using Delphi, I have tried to send keystrokes but it is not reacting so I want to try sending joystick commands.
    How can I do this? (I have no clue).
    Thank you.

  52. Actually the previous version's link on rapidshare worked fine, would someone post a link for the latest version available?

  53. sithrevenger: this is the only place I was able to find the "latest" version of this abandoned utility:

    though have yet to be able to get it to work.

  54. I can NOT get PPJoy to work in Win 7 32 bit.

    On adding a new Virtual Joystick in the configuration tool with any Controller # Windows pops up the following message: "Device driver software was not successfully installed"

    I have tried installing the following versions multiple times each:


    Each time run as Administrator.

    Also, if I select the Virtual Joystick and click Mapping... I get an Error popup that says "Cannot read mappings from joystick driver". And nothing ever shows up in Game Controllers.

    Again, I've tried reinstalling the last two versions multiple times, rebooting each time and am running Windows 7 32 bit (NOT 64 bit).

    What am I doing wrong.

    Could someone please help me solve this or direct me to another alternative, ideally like a ControllerMate but for Windows.


    go here guys and all your problems will be solved!!!

  56. Hello. First of all, many thanks for making this utility. I've used it to steer racing cars in racing sims (on winxp 32) with the mouse for some time now. There used to be a problem if more than 1 axis was mapped then - the +x and -x would be irregular, making my cars turn too quickly on one side compared to the other with the same mouse movement input. This problem would be solved with just 1 axis mapped.

    On win7 32 bit system, though, the irregularity persists regardless of the number of axes mapped. Is there a solution to this? Please advise!

  57. I seriously give up. This isn't my first rodeo. I'm an Electronic Tech by trade and work with computers for a living. I've gotten into test mode, and installed it. I'm on an administrator account. I found the open slot to install a device into (Joystick 6). Win7 64 sees it and REFUSES to install a driver.

    Device manager shows me the (!) device. I manually point it to the drivers and it happily reports that the drivers are up to date.

    But I still get the "cannot read mappings" when I try and map the virtual joystick and it never shows up in the "Devices" folder with my other sticks and the Device Manager always shows a malfunctioning "Unknown device".

    My Google Fu is strong and I can't find a solution to this error anywhere.