Monday, February 15, 2010

Another one bites the dust

I guess it had to happen... After transitioning my build environment to the Windows 7 DDK PPJoy will no longer support Windows 2000. The installer will refuse to install on Win2K. A word of warning: do not try to manually install the drivers on Win2K - this will cause a nasty bluescreen on reboot.

[Anybody wanting to use PPJoy on Windows 98 or 2000 should use version 0.83 or earlier.]

On a related note: I've now finished a test version of the new installer (which can automatically enable test mode) - now to test it on Win2K, XP, Vista, etc with different configurations to ensure it "does the right thing". Unfortunately this will still take while.


  1. That sounds really good... Cant wait fpr your release... many thanks for your work.

  2. Thanks for everything!!! :D
    I cant wait :)

  3. Thanks guys. :-)

    Andy, I'm not doing any specific bug fixes in this release - I think a lot of the issues people wher having is related to not properly disabling test mode and/or not running the PPJoy applets as administrator. Disabling UAC (at least as a test) should help too.

  4. I will uninstall, disable UAC (and stay in test mode), reinstall, and report back.

  5. i can`t install this program
    i try whit safe mode, BCDEDIT,dseo
    help me plzz
    i am using windows 7 ultimate x64

  6. Alright, this works fine with UAC disabled. Doesn't work for me with it enabled, at all. Any way to fix that?

  7. You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................

  8. @Andy
    Didn't you fix the problem by disabling UAC?
    UAC gives problems for a lot of things without really adding much security. Any newer virus evades UAC anyway.

  9. @Ganoderma
    I did fix it by disabling UAC, but I'd prefer to have UAC enabled. Therefore, I was hoping for a bugfix.

  10. @Andy: you can alsways set the properties of the shortcut to run as administrator and leave UAC enabled.

    I'm actually surprised that you need to turn off UAC - I did a quick test on Vista x86, with UAC on and running as a administrator, and PPJoyMouse, PPJoyKey, etc worked fine. Perhaps you can directly mail me your detailled setup/how to replicate the problem. (Don't want to clog up the comments too much.)

  11. I noticed in upcoming features on Market - Linux support - when it would be availible?

  12. How can I install the drivers manually on win 7?

  13. Ive had the same problem as EVERYONE else trying to install PPJoy

    Im running windows 7 7600 (64bit) ultimate.
    UAC is turned off like it always has been(I hate UAC)
    used driver signature enforcement overrider 1.3b to run in test mode,
    I run PPJoy as admin and still get the "system does not allow unsigned drivers to be installed"

    ive unpacked the installer exe, to a folder to try install the drivers 'manually' and sign the 4 'sys' files. but I am unsure how to install the drivers. ive tryed hdwwiz command and selected the PPJoy.INF but windows crashes.

    any help on how to install these drivers manualy would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!!
    can't wait to use my spektrum DX6 with this!!

  14. @psychokronic
    Did you restart your computer after enabling test mode? It should say test mode along with some other info on your desktop above your clock (right bottom, in case you replaced it).

    It worked fine for me on win7 x64 in test mode.

  15. @Ganoderma
    Yes I did restart and the watermark in bottom right is there (its still there I havnt turned off test mode yet)

  16. they say after switching windows to test mode overrider says you got to “Sign a System File” but you can't do this because they are in the packed install file that won't run?

  17. Is it now possible to install and run PPJoy on Win XP 64bit? (I'm afraid to destroy my system by just trying it.)

  18. FINALLY got PPJoy installed and working using my spektrum dx6 on windows 7 x64. I had to manually install the drivers since, that nasty "system does not allow unsigned drivers to be installed" message comes up using the install file. message me if you need help, I had to go around about way so Ill try my best to explain it!!!

  19. after all the trouble of getting it to work, I don't think I can use it with Phoenix sim software because it always looks for the PhoenixRC interface to be connected :( lol. but can use it with HeliSimRC, any1 know any other good heli sims I can use it on?

  20. @ Psychokronic

    How did you make the manual install? send me email to

  21. @ Psychokronic

    Can you tell me how you fixed the drivers manually?

    You can try Realflight, they have realistic simulation and they have plenty of helicopters :)

  22. This blog is the only place to get news, new versions and report bugs?

    I selected "Keyboard joystick" in XP start menu. It said that Virtual joysticks not detected. And PPJoyKey.exe crashed after OK button press. I think it's wrong behaviour=)

  23. Thanks very much for this great utility. It has helped bring my pit alive.



  24. @Kyro - PPJoy should run fine on XP 64bit (but don't have the OS to test.)

    @Winand - yes, pretty much the only place. And yes PPJoyKey shouldn't crash. Please mail me your exact config (OS, screenshot of PPJoy control panel, and exact steps to reproduce the error)

  25. @Timovito &
    sorry for the late replys I will post how to do it 2moro morn...

  26. Manual Install of drivers (Windows 7 x64 Build 7600)

    1. downloaded joy.rar from

    extract it than run the setup file in PPJoysetup folder.
    click 'ok' when the driver signing warning comes up. and install anywhere. than click 'install drivers anyway'.
    this won't actually work it will say
    error installing new device drivers.
    but now if you look at control panel
    there is the 'Parallel Port Joysticks(32-bit)' icon.

    now all we need to do is manually install the x64bit drivers. and install 'uniextract16.exe' from

    after install
    right click on 'PPJoySetup-' than click 'UniExtract files...'

    (This just extracts the files out of the installer) and run driver signature enforcement overrider 1.3b(DSEO) and turn on test mode, restart computer and run DSEO again
    and sign all the system files, that were extracted from the installer.(I signed all the *.sys and *.dll files to be safe).

    4.go into device manager->action->add legacy hardware. than choose 'install hardware manually'
    than 'show all devices'. than 'have disk'
    and browse to the directory you uniextracted the installer too. and open 'PPJoyBus.INF'
    should now say the hardware is 'Parallel Port Joystick Bus Enumerator' click next and WOOLAA!!!

    you have installed the x64bit drivers...

    If you go back to control panel and double click the 'Parallel Port Joysticks(32-bit)' icon and it will work!!!

    Let me know how this goes for you guys!

  27. also you need 'game controllers' shortcut that windows 7 default doesn't have...

    download the shortcut here..""

    or look at

    this is so you can test ya joystick/virtual joystick/transmiter

  28. Thanks Psychokronic, i will test this on my pals computer :)

    I hope it works xD

  29. How do I disable the test mode?

  30. if u used DSEO like I mentioned than just run that again & select 'disable test mode' than restart comp...

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  32. @Deon
    I'd love to e-mail you. Just tell me how! :p

  33. caro Deon Van der Westhuysen estou tentando instalar o ppjoy mas minha placa mae nao tem saida lpt por uma acaso o programa roda com placas pci lpt e ou cabo conversor usb para lpt? agradeƧo desda ja abraƧos!!!

  34. people, i need help ... can not install ppjoy on windows 7 32 bit

    want to use my old joystick