Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taking some time out

I've just finished putting together a small bench power supply so development on PPJoy has stalled a bit. And I'm busy with maintenance around the house - something that can suck up oodles of time too.

And then there is the day job too...

Point of all this is that there are many things competing for my attention, of which PPJoy is only one. I still hope to release a new PPJoy build in the next month or two. Unfortunately there won't be new functionality... just one or two small bug fixes. This would also be the first release built with VS 2008 and the Windows Vista/Server 2008 DDK. Though no 64 bit drivers yet.

I've got the Win7 beta and DDK that goes with it. Hopefully I can test PPJoy on it soon.


  1. Any plans to get a 64-bit driver any time soon?

  2. stuck with 64bit vista too, gonna have to buy a cable :(

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  4. As you mentioned that you were planning to release a new PPJoy build in the next month or two which included only bug fixes.Its a long time since this post can you give me a link where I can find the release.
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