Friday, January 23, 2009

Bye-bye Win98, we will miss you(?)

Always read the fine print. Every now and again something comes around that catches you out... Late last year I upgraded my development environment to Visual Studio 2008 and the latest Windows WDK. With that I converted the PPJoy source to VS 2008 projects, did a couple of regression tests, and everything looked fine. The catch? I never tested on Windows 98...

On Monday, as I was testing the new PPJoy installer on Windows 98 only to discover my executables won't run on Windows 98. A quick google later I am reading the compiler release notes specifying that VS 2008 only supports Windows 2000 and later.

So that settles it then: PPJoy will no longer support Windows 98. I could try to hack some support together but frankly the time is spent better elsewhere...


  1. So, which version of PPJoy works on Windows 98?

  2. Up to version 0.83 will work in Windows 98.

  3. I used Windows 98 for 2 year approximate.But as you wrote for using recent developments we need to upgrade Windows OS too.I have now Windows 7.Which version I can use?
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